sky as skin


Sky as Skin is a 3 piece out of Salt Lake City, Utah.  

In 2006 long time friends and band mates Jason and Justin teamed up with drummer Andrew to form another musical project.  Originally under the name He Is Us and with singer Jon Taylor they recorded their first album which at this point is unreleased.  When Jon left the band in 2007 Jason and Justin took over vocals and continued to evolve their musical style.  After much deliberation they settled on the name Sky As Skin.  

They released their first album "dead songs for a live soul" on Bandcamp and CD in 2014.  The album consists of 9 songs recorded between 2008 and 2012. Their second album "10000 beautiful lakes" was recorded 2013/2014 and released digitally everywhere in 2016 by Man In Casket.